We believe books aren't going anywhere.

You've heard of small batch brewing right? Well, we're small batch publishing. An independent publisher of digital and print content, we are dedicated to creating relevant, accessible guides for specific milestone moments in your career and personal life.

We get it. You're on the verge of something big.

Something that will significantly change your life.

And you need more information to make a good decision. A little more insight.

When we needed help finding a job in a specific industry or relocating our family to a different city, we couldn't find the resources we needed and yet we were sure we weren't the only ones facing these challenges. We decided to collect our relevant experience and wisdom into one place so we could share it with you.

We make books we wish we had.

Many books about careers and milestones are like the 100-level course. They might be a good overview or introduction, but they don't get past the generalities and into the next level of detail.

That's the level where you can really gain traction and make decisions that make your life better. Our books speak to you like a mentor or a close friend. Our content is personal, insightful and useful.

We give you the reality – the expectations and the emotions and the real experiences of people just like you who have been there and been through it.

The right resource can change your life. What's your next move?