Good Move - PDF Format


Good Move - PDF Format


Loaded with real stories from families that have been through relocation, this book is your best friend as you take on moving into a new home. If you are thinking about moving your family, the choices you're facing can feel overwhelming.

From finding the house that works best for you to getting your household packed, you'll be making tough decisions that can leave even the most confident person asking, "Are we doing the right thing?" It's impossible to make moving stress free. But if you know what pitfalls to avoid, understand the logistics that make it all happen, and are prepared to guide your family through the physical and emotional transition to a new home, you can make it a Good Move.

With real insights from families who have relocated, advice from a moving industry expert, and exercises to help you make mindful decisions, Good Move takes you through your relocation step-by-step so that you know what to expect when moving your family.



Publisher: Harlow Park Media

Edition: First

ISBN: 9780990589730

Pages: 256

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