Harlow Park Media is a joint venture between Kevin and Kaly Sullivan. Their last name is no coincidence. They've been married since 2003.

With a combined 25 years in sales, marketing, publishing and content development, Kevin and Kaly bring a fresh take to creating and sharing content. After personally recognizing some gaps in what is currently available, Kevin and Kaly built Harlow Park Media to bring you content that's not only useful and relevant but personal to them. 

About Kevin

During his thirteen years in the publishing industry, Kevin has helped companies develop their digital strategy and products to evolve their business with the changing industry. He understands the value of content and is always looking for more ways to share across different platforms.

Kevin not only writes helpful books for job seekers, but also has a knack for meeting new people and a willingness to try new things and go new places. He's a fan of baseball, likes talking stats with his kids, and rarely turns down a chance for a beer and some laughs. And yes, he wears tie clips because he's just cool like that. 

About Kaly

Here's what Kaly brings to the table: an unnatural obsession with books and content, ten years of marketing and content development experience, extreme organizational skills (if there was a show called Extreme Organization, she would be the host), and a wicked sense of humor and design.

When she doesn't have her nose in a book, she practices yoga, wrangles and referees two elementary-age boys, tries to practice a minimalist lifestyle and blogs about lots of juicy personal stuff over at kalysullivan.com.

Where is Harlow Park?

Harlow Park is a city park in Marquette, MI where Kevin hung out as a kid. To a boy growing up in a rural area, a city park was a dynamic, vibrant place where anything was possible. In the spirit of trying something new and endless possibilities, we decided to name our company after that special place.